Photo by Kimberly Cushwa On December 16, students in Mrs. Kannengieszer’s Journalism I class use one of the school’s class sets of Chromebooks to curate stories for The Penn Post. The class, along with many other classes at Penn, uses Schoology to complete and submit assignments. 

By Kimberly Cushwa

William Penn High School is taking part in an ongoing effort to bring technology into the classrooms. This new technology will allow students access to the plentiful learning resources that are available in a technologically advanced society.

Ms. Ebbott, a Spanish teacher and one involved in incorporating technology in the classroom, stated, “There are a lot of things we can do with technology to bring learning to a different level. It can open boundaries, students can be in contact with the outside world, research differently, and turn in their work in a more public manner.”

There are currently 10 classrooms with full sets of Chromebooks and 15 with laptop carts which can be signed out by various teachers. Within 3 years Colonial School District is hoping to have a – to-1 ratio meaning that there is one device available per student here at William Penn. The main goal this year is to increase the amount of professional development for teacher in order to better prepare them to work with this technology.

There are many schools trying to implement technology into their classrooms, but currently William Penn is more advanced than most – so advanced that other schools have been coming to Penn to view our tech programs and learn what we have to offer. This form of technology is not only useful to students now, but also in preparing them to be college and career ready in their post secondary life.

This is important because, as stated by Criminal Justice teacher, Mr. Lusch, “Effectiveness in the workplace is going to be predicated on how well [students] use technology, and how well they adapt to it demonstrates how well they are going to be, further how well they use it responsibly as opposed to irresponsibly. In the workplace now many people lose their jobs because they get on their computer or phone at work and use it for all the wrong things. To get the idea of how to use it correctly is a very important lesson to learn at this level.”

There are many ways that students can get involved in the effort to implement new technology into their classrooms. Some of these ways include: speaking to administration about the topic, helping write grants to companies who would be willing to donate financial aid to be used on the purchase technology, and assisting with knowledge on new technology as it becomes available.