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January 2016

Colonials Take a Step Into the Future

Photo by Kimberly Cushwa On December 16, students in Mrs. Kannengieszer’s Journalism I class use one of the school’s class sets of Chromebooks to curate stories for The Penn Post. The class, along with many other classes at Penn, uses Schoology to complete and submit assignments. 

By Kimberly Cushwa

William Penn High School is taking part in an ongoing effort to bring technology into the classrooms. This new technology will allow students access to the plentiful learning resources that are available in a technologically advanced society.

Ms. Ebbott, a Spanish teacher and one involved in incorporating technology in the classroom, stated, “There are a lot of things we can do with technology to bring learning to a different level. It can open boundaries, students can be in contact with the outside world, research differently, and turn in their work in a more public manner.”

There are currently 10 classrooms with full sets of Chromebooks and 15 with laptop carts which can be signed out by various teachers. Within 3 years Colonial School District is hoping to have a – to-1 ratio meaning that there is one device available per student here at William Penn. The main goal this year is to increase the amount of professional development for teacher in order to better prepare them to work with this technology.

There are many schools trying to implement technology into their classrooms, but currently William Penn is more advanced than most – so advanced that other schools have been coming to Penn to view our tech programs and learn what we have to offer. This form of technology is not only useful to students now, but also in preparing them to be college and career ready in their post secondary life.

This is important because, as stated by Criminal Justice teacher, Mr. Lusch, “Effectiveness in the workplace is going to be predicated on how well [students] use technology, and how well they adapt to it demonstrates how well they are going to be, further how well they use it responsibly as opposed to irresponsibly. In the workplace now many people lose their jobs because they get on their computer or phone at work and use it for all the wrong things. To get the idea of how to use it correctly is a very important lesson to learn at this level.”

There are many ways that students can get involved in the effort to implement new technology into their classrooms. Some of these ways include: speaking to administration about the topic, helping write grants to companies who would be willing to donate financial aid to be used on the purchase technology, and assisting with knowledge on new technology as it becomes available.



Culinary Students Attend Virtual Tour To Open Doors

By Alexis Hofsetter and McKenzie Griffin

Photo by Alexis Hofstetter The Penn Culinary students use the materials to practice techniques and recipes. 

Culinary is one of the largest programs at William Penn that teaches students many real life lessons. These culinary students had a big opportunity to learn about the well-known Culinary institution of America. This is a big deal because this is very known school in the Culinary  and one of the best. This school is $40,000 a year school for students and these William Penn students got a virtual tour of the inside of that school, giving them background knowledge of the campus to encourage them to apply and possibly get scholarships..

Genesis Gonzalez, a junior at William Penn, attended the virtual tour. She claimed, “Everything that I do in here is easy and on a everyday basis i’m excited for the work I do in the culinary kitchen and it’s different everyday. The chefs always have patience and they explain step by step very clearly.”

Photo by Alexis Hofstetter. Penn’s culinary kitchen has numerous stove tops and plenty of area to prepare food for different recipes. 

Chef Vaughn one of Penn’s two chefs, said he enjoys working at William Penn High School. “It’s great with diverse culture. This class has real life experiences to catering which can lead to many scholarships and contracts,” he said. All of the culinary classes are hands on. They learn by doing. One problem Chef Vaughan encounters is what technology has done to this generation. “Students would rather learn everything by not doing but by Google. They are too afraid to make a mistake and learn from them,” he said.

The virtual tour was one of the many activities the program includes to incorporate technology and help the students if they want to continue doing culinary when they get out of high school.

Mr. Hein Wins Geography Teacher of the Year

By Aleaha Cubbage

2015-11-02 13.15.27
Photo courtesy of Ms. Strous. Mr. Hein poses for his before picture for the Warrior of the Beards contest. 

Mr. Hein, one of William Penn’s geography teachers won teacher of the year for the state of Delaware awarded by the Delaware Geography Alliance.

Delaware Geography Alliance is a department that selects a geography teacher from grades K-12 based on their performance. Delaware Geography Alliance’s website states “the Distinguished Teaching Award is offered annually to recognize demonstrated excellence in the craft of geography teaching among our membership.”

Mr. Hein teaches AP Human Geography for 9th grade and World History for 12th grade.

“The course allows for a lot more real life activities,” Mr. Hein said. He keeps his students involved by “doing a lot of hands on activities.”

At William Penn, Mr. Hein also devotes his free time to coaching cross country and playing guitar in the faculty band. He has been teaching here at William Penn for 7 years and continues to influence his students.

Photo by Aleaha Cubbage Mr. Hein gets his 3rd period class involved in a learning activity. He teaches 9th grade AP Human Geography and 12th grade World History. 

Freshman Stephanie Castillo, one of Mr.Hein’s AP students said, “Mr.Hein goes an extra mile by giving us preparation for tests. He makes learning interesting by creating games that are fun, but relate to the lesson.”

Freshman Leslie Ann Boucher also said, “Mr.Hein is very helpful when you’re not understanding. He will sit down with you until you understand it. Also, he makes sure you get all the materials for the assignment.”

Due to this award Mr.Hein will get to travel to Florida in the spring and is up for the National Geography Teacher of the Year award.

The First To Draw Blood

By Stephanie Castillo and Lesliann Boucher

Senior Med Lab IV students practiced drawing blood to become certified Phlebotomy technicians. Once certified, they are able to draw blood if a doctor needs to run tests.

Blood 1
Photo by Lesliann Boucher Sergeant Miller gets his blood drawn by  senior Med Lab IV student Taj’lynne Jesse.

William Penn High School is the “ first school in the state of delaware to get approval for this type of training” according to Ms. Hudson, who is one of the Med Lab IV teachers.

In order to get ready, students learned the basics such as the different types of tubes, needles such as the straight 23 gauge and the butterfly, steps, and techniques. Students practiced first with fake arms, until they became comfortable to do it on real people.

With the blood, they tested for blood types as well as coagulation testing.

Blood 2
Photo by Lesliann Boucher Med Lab IV teacher Mrs. Hudson gets her blood drawn by senior Alex Haber. 

Senior Taj’lynne Jesse is one student who is now a certified phlebotomy technician. “In the beginning, I was honestly really scared, I was shaking compared to the patients, I was stuttering but actually now I’m comfortable.”

Med Lab IV students must get 30 successful draws to become certified. They will continue to draw blood through January to reach their certification requirements.

Top Christmas Presents

By Rogelio Landa, Tyler Clemens, and Chase Chandler

Photo by Rogelio Landa

What did you want for Christmas? A drone perhaps, maybe an iphone 6, or a Xbox one, or maybe a hoverboard ? The data collected over the last week of school before Christmas break showed that students at William Penn High School prefer iPhones and Xboxs for Christmas. Out of 100 students surveyed 40 students wanted phones; 34, Xbox’s or Playstations; 6, drones; 20, hoverboard.



Julia Scheu said she wanted an Xbox One the most so she could “play xbox games and connect with friends.” She also said that her favorite game is Call of Duty.


Aleaha Cubbage said she wanted a Iphone 6 plus because she said, “ the phone is big and I have large hands. I love my social media accounts and my phone will help me with that.”

This data collected shows what teens our age want for Christmas: electronics.

Out of items these are the ones that teens are drawn too most.

The Warrior of the Beard

By Tyler Clemens

In the month of November, male staff members and William Penn seniors competed in the Warrior of the Beard contest to see who could grow the best beard in only one month.

2015-11-02 12.56.08
Photo courtesy of Ms. Novak. Mr. Wright bares his bare, newly shaven face at the start of the Warrior of the Beards contest. 

The seniors and the staff that were participating  in the event collected money to help support a charity of their choice. The winner of the contest gets to pick their own charity to send the money to.

One of the contestants, history teacher Mr. Hein, was very pleased with how the event was was going and how much the students and other teachers were into the event.

“I feel like this a good way to get the students and teachers into one event together and donate money to a great cause.”

Each week, Ms. Novak and her students took pictures of the contestants to show the growth of their beards. These images were updated outside of each contestant’s classroom.

Mr. Nagy, an English teacher at William Penn shows off his beard for week 4 of the Warrrior of the Beard contest. 

Chase Chandler said, “ I wanted Mr. Hopkins to win the beard contest.”

All together the school has been very supportive of the event raising 500 dollars throughout the whole event.

In the end, students and faculty voted choosing the winner of the contest, history teacher Mr.Vazzana. The money was donated to the charity of his choice.

Mr. Vazanna proudly displays his beard at the end of the contest. He was crowned the Warrior of the Beard for 2015.


Penn Dedicates Game to Mr. Wilson

By Cairo Chambers and Kevin Martinez

On December 8, 2015, William Penn dedicated the basketball season opener game to Mr. Wilson who passed away this past summer.

Mr. Wilson’s son, Mr. Wilson, is also a teacher at William Penn. After attending the game dedicated to his father he said, “It was a lot of different things that was running through my mind, because as coach I was just thinking about what can the team do better to push the lead against Sales.”

He also said, “As a son of Mr. Wilson I was just thinking how my dad would feel about everything that was going down and how they were just thanking him for sharing so much with them.”
The team won the game against the Sallies and Mr. Wilson said, “My dad would say he’s happy that they won the game. He would emphasize how everyone came out together. One of his biggest things was how people, we always get together. He always wanted people to get together for no reason to just enjoy each others company. He also would say that everything is going to be different now, because he’s not around. Just to recognize that he’s not here, so we need to push forward because he’s not here.”

Celebrating the Holidays from Different Cultures

By Wan Chen

In our school have many people from different counties, they have different culture. Some of those are every different then our American culture.

Rizwan Ishmain, the man who teaches Spanish in Will Penn High School, is from Guyana in South America. He said their country has some different races: Amerindians, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Africans. It’s a diverse nation. In their country people wearing ordinary clothes as like American people but their characteristics is they wearing long pants even in the High temperature.

In Christmas day, they eat special food. Pepperpot is the food name. That is cooked with beef and hot peppers. They also eat bread with that pepperpot sauce. During new year they eat the black cake and cassra bread, they also doing the fireworks and firecrackers, but in America they seldom do the fireworks, because it’s too loud.

Johnathan  Troop, is an English teacher at William Penn High School. He went to Japan when he was an exchange students He learned some culture during that time. He said, “At Japan people wear Yutaka, jin bei and geta, that is a Japanese traditional clothing. Japanese people like to eat sushi, tempura, Udon noodle and ramen noodle.” In America some people eat sushi but not much, most people like to eat fast food, as like McDonald’s.

We can see that some different then American culture. We can learn some from looking at how others celebrate the holidays.

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