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December 2015

Smyrna Supports WP Toy Drive

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Dunn. Members of the Key Club wrapped donated presents after school December 15. 

By Derioushe Johnson and Nahja Fassett

William Penn High School had a basketball game against Smyrna on  December 10. Anyone who donated toys for the Toys for Tots drive could get into the game for a discounted price. Toys for Tots is an event run by William Penn High School’s Key Club to give toys to homeless shelters for kids who receive very little Christmas.

Not only did attendees donate toys, but team members from the opposing team also came with toys. Many were surprised that the opponents came out to support.

Varsity basketball player and junior Jermal Crumel gave his opinion on the opposing team also participating in Toys for Tots.

“I felt great, felt as though it touched my heart. They cared enough to come here and do something that doesn’t benefit their school,” Crumel said.

President of the Key Club, Hadja Toure, who is a senior at William Penn said her motive for this drive was to help kids in foster’s home to enjoy Christmas by spreading a little holiday joy..

Toure claimed, “[I wanted to] help kids out who don’t have anything. A lot of kids don’t have a lot of things and we want to make their holiday special.”

Toure  also stated that on the of dropping off the toys for the children they also were going to do a activity to lift their spirits. “We’re going to wrap them and give them to a homeless shelter and make an activity to give out the presents.”

Although the event ended on December 15, the toys will continue to warm people’s hearts.



Sports Analytic Club Teams with WP Basketball

By Jaden Reed and Geman Browne

Recently, the Sports Analytics Club and girl’s basketball have joined together to participate in health analytics. The girl’s basketball team players are being recorded to provide health data with the use of Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitors and Polar Team Plus iPad application to help give them a competitive advantage.

Every varsity player on the girls basketball team uses the bands at practice. The bands are wrapped around girls’ waists to analyze their heart rates.

“[The bands] help make the players wanna push harder during practice,” varsity basketball player SaTara King said.

They are planning to use the data to see how they can have a competitive advantage towards other teams.

“We have not gotten any results yet, but hope to look at data from yesterdays game,” math teacher and Sports Analytics Club sponsor Mr. McNulty said.

This is the first year when they use it on girl’s basketball, but it was previously used on cross country and track runners.

“Two students are in charge: one is in charge of individual players and one is doing video with a programmed iPad,” Mr. McNulty said.  
With this data the Sports Analytics Club will tell the girl’s basketball team what they should do to increase their endurance and stamina and improve.

Learning From a Late Season Loss

By McKenzie Griffin and Aleaha Cubbage

Ben Fulton Sallies Capts Single Focus
Photo courtesy of Frank Burton. Seniors Brandon Dooley and Frank Burton, Jr., junior Charles Hope, and senior Daniel Johnson walk towards the center of the field before kickoff October 31. The Colonials took on Salesianum at Bill Cole Stadium.  

On October 31, the bleachers at Bill Cole Stadium were never so packed. This was the biggest game against the number one and number two schools in the state.

Everybody came to support the undefeated Colonials, hoping they would win. Even with the strong effort the William Penn football team put in to this game, they did not leave with the win against Salesianum. The score was 30-13 when William Penn finally got their first feeling of a loss this whole season.

One of the coaches and math teacher at William Penn, Matthew Sabol, said even though they lost, he wasn’t disappointed. “I think the effort was really good, but we had a couple breakdowns on schemes which led to the loss.” He said he wanted it more than anything, but as he also stated they needed to lose. By having this loss, Sabol stated it opened the team’s eyes and showed them reality. Even with the loss, Sabol stated the team tried their best and that’s all that matters.

During halftime the score was 17-7 and the boys knew they had to do something so they could catch up and stay undefeated the whole season and continue their winning streak from last year. At halftime, Sabol had a talk to them about the plays and what they should do and what they could do to improve. “Losing a game is not the end of the season it’s showing you have to work harder to get to the prize to get to the state championship,” Sabol said.

William Penn football player Jameer Walker said, “I was upset that we lost, but you can’t win every game, and we’ll get them back in the playoffs.”

As soon as they got back at halftime they fixed their plays, got more people attacking, and changed the spots around. Even with the changes, the team was not able to come back.

Sabol said, “This time the players just weren’t in their best condition and it wasn’t their best day to play.”

The teams did not meet again in the playoffs because of a 30-13 loss to Symrna November 28. The team finished the season 9-2.

Making Strides to Improve

By Lesliann Boucher

The William Penn cross country team contains 20 to 30 runners. The team has prepared  themselves with different types of workouts that helped them progress throughout the season . They had more than seven  meets  and had plenty of success such as having a runner run a 5k under 17 minutes.

On Saturday November 14, 2015 William Penn  attended a state meet at Killens Pond State Park in Felton, Delaware, located near the Murderkill River, against more than 25 teams. William Penn finished ninth in the state.

This year’s cross country team has been said to be the best team they’ve had in years.  One of the coaches who is also a history teacher at William Penn, Mr. Hein,  said that this was the best finish the season that they’ve ever had.

William Penn’s cross country boys pose at the state championships November 14. 

Junior Bret Hillman a runner that has been on the cross country team for three years. He said, “the last meet was very energetic, everybody was focused on their time and wanted to contribute to the team and pass as top three in the state”

The years that he has been on the team for William Penn he said that the team has improved significantly, especially on their times. Bret said his goal for next year is to “break a 19 minute run, and [I] want the whole team to be in that goal range also to be second for conference and third in the state we want to be able to step up our game and be the best that we can be.”

Project Unified Pride

By Derioushe Johnson

On October 24 2015 Project Unified arranged an event of flag football to give the members of Special Olympic Delaware programs and varsity football players of William Penn high school to experience the exhilarating atmosphere of playing in the game as a team.

A head coach who also happens to be a senior colonial as well  had said  she  enjoyed coaching the members of the event and if she had the chance she would do all over again. Dominique Spencer claimed, “My favorite part of the event was being able to experience the event. Also seeing perseverance and seeing how well they did and how excited they were. If I received the chance to do this event all over again I would because it’s a learning experience for you and you learn more from them  about themselves then you could ever teach yourself.”

The purpose of this game in Spencer’s  perspective was to allow the kids to know we’re all human and we all deserve equal privileges, “To let these kids know  we are equal we’re all the same and they have a purpose on the team and they have a goal to achieve!”
Participants amused themselves and they savored every minute of it. Spencer declared “ Yes! The participants seemed to enjoy themselves, they  always wanted to keep going never wanted to stop.”

Thanks to the football team and the delightful warm-hearted members of the Special Olympic Delaware programs, William Penn High School took  home the victory with a 40-33 score  against the opponent team Middletown high school.

Colonials March at Hershey Park

By Chase Chandler

The Marching Colonials perform during halftime of the homecoming game. 

The weekend of November the 8th the Marching Colonials competed at their championship competition at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. All the marching bands around the area were there to compete for the bragging rights and a trophy in their division. The marching band has been feverishly practiced to prepare for their shot in the spotlight.

In addition to practices on days off and Saturdays, the band has competed in other competitions to prepare for the championship. “We practice all the time. We eat, sleep, think band. When we are not practicing we should be practicing,” sophomore Amanda Hopkins, a former saxophone player in the band stated.

The band performed for the judges at Hershey and unfortunately got last place, although they are in a tough division.

Sophomore Flutist Josie Taraskus stated, “The band practices a lot but it seems like after a while we all drift off and we need to take it more seriously when something like this is coming up in the near future”.

Hopkins said, “We have practice all the time and we benefit from that a lot in the end. Even though we almost have no social life, we wouldn’t have it any other way.”  These are examples of how dedicated these Marching colonials are to their craft. The championships closed out the Marching Colonial’s season, but many of the band’s members continue to participate for the indoor colorgaurd and drumline.

Colonial Soccer Defeats Glasgow

By Cairo Chambers

On October 27, Senior forward Jevani James and center midfielder Gabe Campanella scored two goals to help William Penn defeat Glasgow High School 4-1 in the high school soccer season at the Glasgow in Newark, Delaware Stadium. William Penn kicked over 10 shots on Glasgow goalkeeper Anthony Darden and Ryan Juarez-Robertson saves over 5 shot from Glasgow striker number 14 Tanner Fonjweng for an amazing win over Glasgow.

The game was on October 27, 2015 between William Penn High School and their rival Glasgow High School. With the win, William Penn advanced its record to 9-5 on the campaign.

William Penn’s soccer team has not advanced to the state tournament since 2010, each year they have fallen short from making the tournament.

Coach Land said, “I believe they played outstanding soccer out there today. They move the ball around the field fast. They also found the open man to pass to, and created a lot of chances. They played as a team today, their communication got better as the game continue.”

Jevani and Gabe scored the goals, giving the Colonials their win over Glasgow.With the win, Penn was one step closer to advance to state tournament.

The team plays next Appoquinimink High School. Coach Land said, “Overall we played good out there, but we are still hungry for more,” Coach Land said. The Colonials finished the season with a 9-6 record.

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