By Kimberly Kushwa

Photo by Kimberly Cushwa Mr. McNulty poses with student Umar Khan after a Sports Analytics Club meeting January 22. The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school. 
William Penn sophomore Umar Khan has been hired by the Los Angeles Aviators of the American Ultimate Disk league to work with them in their sports analytics program. This is an amazing opportunity of which no student in the country has ever been given. Sports analytics takes data that has been created within a sporting event and analyzing it to be able to answer any questions that the sports team, authorities, and others may have; these statistics may be used to create opportunities to help the players and the team to be successful.

Umar first became interested in sports analytics during freshman year when Mr. McNulty, head of the Sports Analytics Club, came and told Umar of his idea to create the club. 

Umar said, “I was intrigued by this offer because I am all about new things and innovation.”

Earlier this year the L.A. Aviators contacted Mr. McNulty stating that they wanted to work with a student during the next season to evaluate the impact of their player by player data in relation to the team as a whole. Umar decided to pick up this opportunity as nobody has truly ever worked ultimate frisbee data in the past and so this sparked his interest.

Mr. McNulty said, “This is an extremely unique opportunity for Umar but also one for helping form this program into what it is ultimately for.”

Umar also stated, “Anything is possible with this opportunity but that I am unsure yet if I will continue in sports analytics postsecondary since I am still rather interested in business and stocks.”

He said he acknowledges that since sports analytics is a budding field of work, there will be many job opportunities available here in the future as it grows in popularity. Mr. McNulty welcomes students who interested in sports analytics to attend club meetings, which take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 2:30 to 4:00.