By Alexis Hofsetter and McKenzie Griffin

Photo by Alexis Hofstetter The Penn Culinary students use the materials to practice techniques and recipes. 

Culinary is one of the largest programs at William Penn that teaches students many real life lessons. These culinary students had a big opportunity to learn about the well-known Culinary institution of America. This is a big deal because this is very known school in the Culinary  and one of the best. This school is $40,000 a year school for students and these William Penn students got a virtual tour of the inside of that school, giving them background knowledge of the campus to encourage them to apply and possibly get scholarships..

Genesis Gonzalez, a junior at William Penn, attended the virtual tour. She claimed, “Everything that I do in here is easy and on a everyday basis i’m excited for the work I do in the culinary kitchen and it’s different everyday. The chefs always have patience and they explain step by step very clearly.”

Photo by Alexis Hofstetter. Penn’s culinary kitchen has numerous stove tops and plenty of area to prepare food for different recipes. 

Chef Vaughn one of Penn’s two chefs, said he enjoys working at William Penn High School. “It’s great with diverse culture. This class has real life experiences to catering which can lead to many scholarships and contracts,” he said. All of the culinary classes are hands on. They learn by doing. One problem Chef Vaughan encounters is what technology has done to this generation. “Students would rather learn everything by not doing but by Google. They are too afraid to make a mistake and learn from them,” he said.

The virtual tour was one of the many activities the program includes to incorporate technology and help the students if they want to continue doing culinary when they get out of high school.