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November 2015

The Gentlemen Take Charge

By Keith Alsberry

Have you ever wondered why there are students dressed up every Wednesday?

These young men are members of the Club of Gentlemen, a group designed to unite wisdom and experience with the youth.


The club meets after school every Wednesday and is geared towards preparing young men for success after high school.  Last years President Daniel Sainte-Ewen and Vice President Traymier Vazquez have been in the Club of Gentlemen since their sophomore year in high school and they’re now seniors.  

Mr. Logan Jenkins, along with Mr. Calvin Griffin, are the club’s two leaders and sponsors.

The Club of Gentlemen has been a success  for the past five to six years and has made many young boys turn into young mature men. Even after the gentlemen leave William Penn, members take what they learn into the real world including one of Mr. Griffin’s sayings, “Strong heart, one man.”  This is supposed to teach the members that a good man has a strong heart because he knows what’s right and what’s wrong.


ESL Program Highlights

By Wanting Chen

In this school, there are many students from other counties, some who don’t know English very well. The school arranges for them to have a class called ESL-English Second Language. The ESL teacher helps them to practice and improve their English, make them communicate with other American students, and help them understand what their teachers are saying.

“They practice English from reading books, writing essays, and talking to their partner,” Mr.Troop, one of the ESL teachers said.

Beginners learn geography and  express that information in English. The 10th grade ESL students just finish reading. For the 11th grade, they just finished their personal story project and learned the difference between teenage work and proper English. For the 12th grade, they finished their senior essay.

Maria a student in the ESL senior class said, “We just finish our senior essay and found three colleges.”

 Sometime these students have a hard time in their classes.”When we [are] at history class or economics class sometime we can’t really understand what teacher said and when we do our homework [we have] some question[s] we don’t how to do because we can’t understand at class,” Maria said.

They can’t always get help from other students, though. “They help me to do my homework and sometime[s] they help me understand what [the] teacher said, but some people don’t help me. For example one time, when I say I can’t understand what teacher said and I don’t know  what I need to do, some students just laugh at me and that makes me really angry.”

All ESL students are working very hard to learn English. They try to make their English better and they want to talk to other people not only other ESL students. They are not  clumsy, they are just learning a new language. Many students at William Penn learn Spanish. When they just start to learn a new language they even don’t know how to say “May I use the bathroom?”in the new language. No one can understand what they just said and they can’t understand what other people said. This is just like students in the ESL program, so be nice to them.

Seniors Get a Scare

By Nahja Fassett

On October 17th, the class of 2016 experienced  the terror trails, scare zones, haunted mazes, 200 zombies of Six Flag’s Fright Fest.

Aiyanna Holman, a William Penn senior, was one of the attendees. She said that it was a great time for her and she wanted to make her senior trip special. She knew she just had to go when her best friend also agreed to go to the trip. “The best part of the night was the actors coming out to scare you,” Holman said.

Mr. Wilson, an Economics teacher and one of the chaperones,  said he felt as it was a full 12 hours of success. “A lot of kids have never gone to Six Flags before so for them to see something new just makes me happy,” Wilson said.

In addition to Fright Fest the senior class committee also sponsors numerous other events throughout the year. Some of the next upcoming events are Powder Puff November 21st, Blue Mountain January 16th, and the prom fashion show on February 5th.

Homecoming: A Night of Fame

By Aleaha Cubbage

Nearly 600 students came together for a “Night Of Fame” at William Penn High School on Saturday, October 10th. Cafeteria 2 and Gym 2 were decorated with a red carpet and Hollywood stars.

Around 20 student Council members came together the day before homecoming to make it all happen. It took the students 4 hours to finish setting up homecoming.

Mrs.Strouss, the Student Council sponsor said, “Honestly, setup and cleanup are very easy. We have a great group of Student Council members who do a great job of setting up and cleaning up quickly.”

Earlier that evening the Colonials defeated APPO 48-6. At halftime Danny Walsh, and Troi Garret were crowned homecoming king & queen. Danny Walsh the homecoming king said, “I liked being homecoming king. It felt like I had a lot of people’s respect throughout the school, and it was fun waiting to see who they would crown, and going through the parade on top of the fire trucks.”

Student Council provided cookies, brownies, candy and other refreshments such as soda and punch. People were dancing, and taking pictures around the photo booth.

He also said, “And the music wasn’t bad but it could’ve been better. Last years music was better than this year. There were a few dead parts of the night but there were also some live parts with music.”

The night ended with a speech from the DJ thanking William Penn.

Class of 2020

By Jaden Reed

Between October 19 and October 29, middle school tours were given to all the Colonial middle school students. Student Council members provided the tours to show that William Penn is the best school in Delaware.

Each day 10 to 12  William Penn students paired up and took a group of 15 students around the building. Students had about 30 minutes to visit classrooms.

Dr. Erskine made an announcement for teachers to keep their doors unlocked so that tour guides could show off all of William Penn. Guides took students to former teachers based off a map provided by Dr. Erskine.

Ms Kalogiros, a Gunning Bedford teacher, said,  “The student helpers were very friendly, and I liked that many teachers allowed us to see their classes. My favorite part of the tour was seeing my past students and catching up with them on how they’re doing in school now. It’s so nice to see how they’ve grown academically and see them enjoy what they’re currently learning.”

The school’s creative programs – culinary, penn farm, and med lab – were a main attraction for the middle school students.

La’naya Washington, a student from Gunning Bedford said, “I enjoyed the tour. The best part was the Bistro. My tour guide was friendly and now I have a friend and I was thinking of going to SG but I have considered William Penn. I want to be in either the Business or Humanities college. I am looking forward to becoming a Colonial next year”.

Seventh Annual Showcase Helps Welcome New Students

By Kimberly Cushwa

On the night of Tuesday,  November 3 prospective William Penn families, along with   teachers and representatives from various out-of-school programs, gathered at the annual William Penn Showcase to learn more about what programs are offered both here at William Penn and after they graduate.

Participants were welcomed at the door by the band and walked into the hustle and bustle of the showcase. Though students were the ones originally here to learn, teachers also learned from the event. When asked what he had learned from night’s activities Mr. Stanford, Physical Education and Health teacher at William Penn, stated, “I [was able to] meet new people and I will recognize them next year or the year after when they come here.”

A plethora of post-secondary programs were present providing information about scholarship opportunities, colleges and universities,  and the military. One of these opportunities was presented by Gwen Robinson of Discover Business Experience, a program which offers scholarships, internship opportunities, and resume writing classes to William Penn students.  DBE also gave out five 1,000 dollar scholarships to William Penn seniors last year.

Students and their parents in attendance stated the event was helpful. One parent, Rita Maltese, mother of George Read 8th grader Patrick Maltese said,“There is so much information to give [here at William Penn] and I do not think many parents realize how much there truly is that this school has to offer.” Another parent, Jessica, mother of three McCullough students, also stated that the showcase is a wonderful event that brings to light all of the different programs offered at Penn.

Mr. Stanford stated, “[It is] good for them to get out and see their school, I wish more would come just to see what we have to offer because there is definitely a lot of competition, a lot of school choices out there and we have the best one.”

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