By Kayla Oats

165 students are impacted weekly during health corps class workshops. HealthCorps is an organization whose purpose is to decrease childhood obesity, and create a healthy environment.

At William Penn High School, Amber Rideout has been the head of HealthCorps for the last 2 years. Rideout identified the biggest issue related to health. ”From my experience the two biggest things teens face in regards to their health is being able to cope with life challenges and how to manage their stress in a healthy way. Another big issues is the access to outlets to explore physical activity and fitness. If students don’t participate in sports they are not being active and this is resulting in an increase in sedentary behaviors which lead to a number of chronic illnesses,” she said. 

Some of the activities in HealthCorps include Ambassador Club, Cooking Matters, Classroom teachers, Staff wellness, and Cafe O Yeas. These activities help HealthCorps achieve their mission.

“The best thing for me is being able to show youth that health is not just about counting calories, eating salad, or being the skinniest or bulkiest person around. Health is about the whole person and it is something that can be fun and attainable for any and everyone,” Rideout said.

Currently there are 25 students in HealthCorps Ambassador club and 12 students in Cooking Matters. At William Penn, HealthCorps can be found in the S2 staff center in the back office, and HealthCorps Ambassadors Club meetings are typically held after-school in Rm W100 every other Thursday.