By Chris Brown

High school sports can benefit students academically. They can help students get better grades by giving them organization and a reason to do well in school.

In many cases, the coaches offer their athletes opportunities to get help with the academics. William Penn senior athlete Dasir King said, “Coach offers study hall, personal tutor sessions, and time to go see teachers instead of studying. He wants us to understand that we are student athletes and student comes first.”

King has been in the program all four years of high school and is pursuing playing in college. Colleges pay attention to students academics especially the good colleges. “The higher GPA you have the better chance you have in getting into a good college.”

“It motivates me to keep my grades up because I want to be eligible and help my team win,” King said.

School sports can also help a student athlete manage his time and be more focused in the classroom because he knows he has no time to waste so you complete your work on time. “I know I have limited time to do assignments so I make sure I set up times to get them done.”

Student athletes devote so much time into  practices and games that they have very little free time. They have to take advantage of their time in the classroom. This helps prepare them not only for collegiate athletics, but also life in the real world.