By LaTiyah Jones


Technology is the new thing, so why not be awarded for incorporating it into teaching? At William Penn High School,  teachers are awarded for their outstanding use of technology.

Economics teacher Carol Dunn won the “Tech Teacher of the Month” for the month of October. Because she won, she displayed the Golden Keyboard in her room for the month and received a gift card to Penn Bistro.

In Colonial School District, technology has become a big part of learning. For learning, it can be used in many different ways.

I’ve been using Schoology to not only access work, as well do formative assessments. I also use Kahoot to make learning more fun, for review,” Dunn said.

She is not the only teacher approaching learning like this. Many other teachers are also. Technology can help make students and teachers more efficient, but not all kids have phones, sometimes there aren’t enough computers, or even the wifi doesn’t work.


“The only issue is you don’t always have an access to technology,” Dunn said. “I struggled with using technology for years. One day, I was like let just go ahead and learn, because it’s not going anywhere. It’s just the expectation with kids. This is their world. Especially with the subject I teach economics, it is a fluid subject. Using technology help students to get the most up to date information. For example, on the economy and how it’s changing.”

Although Dunn admitted it takes her out of her comfort zone, she said using technology makes the learning more engaging and provides students with the most current information. Dunn’s nomination for this award was based on this willingness to work outside of her comfort zone to improve her use of it.