By Lesliann Boucher and Stephanie Castillo

Photo by Stephanie Castillo Kim Davis, art teacher at William Penn, greets people at the Colonial Art Festival May 7. 

The Colonial Art Festival was held on Friday May 6  from 6pm-8pm, and Saturday  May 7 from 10am-2pm. The show was created to celebrate talented students from Kindergarten to12th grade in Colonial School District. 

The celebration of this festival was to represent heart. “Some people see art as a great outlet. It’s a sign of our humanity, that we create the art so it gives us something to do, in that sense of keeping us real, keeping us human,”  Kim Davis, one of the art teachers at William Penn, said.

In order to be featured in the art festival, work was selected by an art teacher in each Colonial school that was considered the “best of the best”. There were more than 1,000 pieces of art that were displayed in the festival, each teacher bringing in at least 80-100 pieces of art.

Winkler shared, “It represents a year’s worth of teaching for each teacher in the district. It is to celebrate all the creative students in the colonial school district. It’s a time to shine.”
Senior Kylie Wierzbicki played the piano during the Art Festival,  on the right hand center of the entrance.  And along with the pieces of art and music there were William Penn Culinary students walking around with a cart full of small fancy sushi dishes, white rice and spicy sushi right on top. It was indeed “a time to shine,” said Winkler.