By Jaden Reed and Geman Browne

When Roselynn Burke, fifth grade teacher at Carrie Downing, saw the impact the  “Let Me Run” program could have, she knew she it was an opportunity to help the community, to “teach boys integrity and empathy.”

Burke brought the program March 9th for boys to help them learn how to express themselves, reach personal goals, and improve their overall wellness. Carrie Downing’s program is only one of three in the state. The fourth and fifth grade boys met after school on the playground for about an hour twice a week for seven weeks. 

“I think our society and culture as a whole limits boys and their potential. Without even knowing it, we often send them the message to act a certain way and hide their feelings. We do this with comments such as “Be a man”. We also generally don’t hold high expectations. Hence, the phrase “boys will be boys”. I think our society as a whole needs to change that mindset and stop pressuring young boys to constantly prove their masculinity, ” said Burke.

Each of the seven weeks helped the boys prepare for their big race Saturday, April 30th at the Red Clay 5K. Burke stated that she ensured they knew the race isn’t about winning, but rather about meeting personal goals.