By Aleaha Cubbage

Photo courtesy of Ameena DiPersio William Penn seniors accepted into college sign a banner to celebrate the accomplishment in the lobby. 

On April 27, William Penn put together a celebration for all of the seniors that got accepted into colleges, trade schools, and the military.

Ameena DiPersio, a senior at William Penn said, “This celebration was meant to remind me of all the work I’ve done to get this far. in I feel that the celebration was a good way to get the seniors to get hype for going to their colleges.”

Photo by Aleaha Cubbage Counselor Rachel Handy created and displayed banners representing the colleges that accepted William Penn seniors. 

Rachel Handy, one of the counselors at William Penn was in charge of putting together the College Bound Celebration. Handy said, “According to the responses, about 230 of our Seniors were accepted to colleges, trade schools and the military. That doesn’t include, of course, those who didn’t fill out the survey. Counselors hope that these college-bound students continue making smart educational decisions that will continue serving them well in their future endeavors.”


The high school experience for the class of 2016 is slowly coming to an end. The ultimate celebration for these college-bound seniors will be graduation on June 9th at 6:00 p.m at the Bob Carpenter Center.