By Kimberly Cushwa

On April 7 the class of 2017 came together to elect their Senior Class Committee representatives. The students who were running gathered with their peers in the auditorium that morning to present political speeches on what they wished to do if elected. Once the presentations ended, students were able to cast their ballot on voting machines – a great chance to prepare for this real world experience.

Student officers have numerous responsibilities. Carolyn Smalls, the teacher in charge of the senior class committee, stated, “Elected officers are given a list of their responsibilities before they run for office so they are aware of what their duties are before they run for office.” This is important in not only making students aware of what they are signing up for, but also so those who are elected are unable to slack with the excuse of not knowing the work these positions entail.

Smalls also said, “The overall responsibilities of the officers and Senior Class Committee members are to plan educational and fun activities for the class of 2017.” Activities that have been planned by the current Senior Class Committee include a school wide “Shoes to Share” project which presented all William Penn students with the opportunity to donate shoes to be distributed to those who are in need along with senior only trips to Six Flags, a ski resort, and I-Play America.

Senior CLass committee is not all work, it is also a valuable learning experience. Students who participate in the senior class committee will learn to how work in a group, plan and implement activities, how our democracy works and, most importantly, how to become a well-rounded citizen

The Senior Class Committee of 2017 will include President Rajbir Bal, Vice President Erica Jones, Secretary Veronica Sacco, and Treasurer Alexis Ayala.