By Derioushe Johnson, SaTara King, and Nahja Fassett

At William Penn High school students and teachers came together Thursday March 10th 2016 to showcase the important aspects of STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

“The STEM showcase is an opportunity for the district to highlight all the programs we have in the stem field. They changed the theme to stream adding arts to stem because people believe it’s a connection,”  stated Dan Bartnik, an assistant principal at William Penn High School.


Although Bartnik was obligated to present a project at the Stem Showcase, he said he also enjoyed seeing other presentations. He stated, “It was fantastic, a  great event. This year was the best year ever. It was a large turnout from our community and great opportunity to show positive things.”

Bartnik said he would not have changed anything about the showcase other than the location, “I would change the location of where it was held because it was hot where we were so visitors were unable to receive the full effect of the presentation because of the uncomfortable atmosphere due to the heat.”

Bartnik stated STEM is very important because it is evolving and more jobs will need to be covered. He said, “As we move further into the 21st century more and more jobs are going to be STEM-centric so it’s important to train the next generation in the field of STEM.”

“The robotics section was a definitely must see and Mr.Lamborn and Mr. Cole’s presentation,” claimed Bartnik.

Another group of participants of the showcase was Ms.Minka -a physical education teacher at William Penn High school – and her students.

Minka stated, “Our presentation was on physed and math, basically physical education students wearing heart monitors and getting instant graphical feedback on their hearts. I think the presentation was good and a lot of students wanted to wear the black straps as they went through and wanted to see their targets and progress.”

Minka and her students talked about the importance of combining physical education and mathematics.

“I feel as though STEM is important because it has so many real world applications, for instance Mr.Mcnulty’s math analytics club would come in and analyze our heart rates and crunch numbers from time to time,” exclaimed Minka.

The students and teachers of the William Penn STEM college put on a great showcase to teach about the significance of science, technology, engineering, and math combined. This event happens every year and highlights how Penn prepares students to be college and career ready.