By Aiyana Holman and Rogelio Landa

Photo by Aiyana Holman Students in Mrs. Vaughn’s nutrition class tasted two different pies made by the culinary students March 14. 

Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Big or small the circle it doesn’t matter; the ratio stays the same. Last Monday William Penn celebrated this national day with everything pi related. Mr. Vaughn had a special way to exhibit of the word pi through pie.

Chef Vaughn’s culinary arts students made two different types of buttermilk pie for Ms. Vaughn’s food and nutrition class. Each of the pies had a contrasting ingredient. For example; pie A had½ Cup of butter melted, ¼ Cup coconut oil melted, ½ Cup applesauce. The class was asked to eat pie “A” and pie “B” and figure out what really was so different about them. The students had no idea which pie was the regular and which pie was healthier.

Sophomore Kierston Hughart said, ‘’I liked pie B because it was less sweet and it just seemed better.”

Pie 2
Photo by Aiyana Holman Students compared and contrasted the qualities of the two pies tasted to identify which was healthier. 

Fourteen students voted pie “A” was the healthier and ten students voted pie “B”. When asked they had to rate the buttermilk pie by smell, taste, and appearance. The students said sample “A” was moist, very sweet, oily looking, looks like apple appearance. “B” was had a salter crust, less sweet, creamy, more dense, firm top.
From taking a pi day quiz to having shepherd’s pie for lunch many students experienced the 10,000 digits of pi.