By Geman Browne and Jaden Reed

Recently Jordan Hudson, a med lab teacher at William Penn, gave her annual cancer awareness project. Students could choose to make a video game, website, online book or something about nature to raise awareness for cancer or a particular type of cancer.

Two of Hudson’s students designed video games to raise awareness for cancer and cancer treatment. Both students, Messlao Bey and Trishona Faulcon, are sophomores in Med Lab 2. These students used  programs they owned and completed it on their own time.

Faulcon said, “I tried to put things that would attract everyone’s attention and any audience. [My] inspiration would be video games themselves because I like playing video games. I thought of an interactive story. It wasn’t hard once I got the hang of it”.

RPG Maker 2003 is the program Faulcon used for her project.

Faulcon said, ”I used templates and areas that you can set up and you can create your characters actions and events and etc…  And set up the controls and everything that you can put together and that’s basically it”.

The students were given a month to do the project and presented their projects at the end of that month. Anyone who wants  access to the students projects should contact Hudson.