By Lesliann Boucher and Stephanie Castillo

February 22 to February 26, William Penn’s Future Farmers of America hosted an FFA week, where students went down to the FFA room, on February 26th and walked around the room, interacted with the animals, and played games to see what they knew about animals. Students were welcomed by Tyson the dog, Mrs. Ferruccis pet. In addition to her pet, Mrs. Ferrucci also had different varieties of animal including a mouse named Shadow, bunnies, and a chinchilla.

Photo by Lesliann Boucher One of the animals in Mrs. Ferrucci’s class sits in his open cage for students to interact with. 

FFA Week was all about showcasing the agriculture class to students who were about to do class scheduling. A junior student of Ms. Ferrucci’s Nicole Webb said  “It gives the students outside of agriculture a chance to really experience our class.”

Another of Mrs. Ferruccis students, sophomore Jessica Knowles stated, “I love animals, I always wanted to be a vet and this is the only course that lets me get a hands-on experience with those animals while still learning. I love the interaction I get with the animals.” In FFA, the career pathways can range from groomer to Veterinarian to raising dairy/beef cattle.

Photo by Lesliann Boucher Students in Mrs. Ferruci’s class pose with animals in W108. Students from other classes were given the opportunity to meet all of the animals Friday, Feb. 26. 

FFA week was a huge success for the class; the classroom was packed and excitement was in the air to learn about what FFA had to offer.