By Satara King, Derioushe Johnson, and Nahja Fassett

At William Penn High school, the staff has come together to raise awareness of healthy leaving.

Mrs.Rideout, HealthCorps Coordinator, is the creator of this movement. She says her motive is to, “Get our staff and faculty focused on health in an simple way to help us together as a community goal. The goal to achieve is 10,000 steps a day which is an active adult.”

Photo by Tiffany Kannengieszer Two teachers, Mrs. Lindo and Ms. Coulter, show off their pedometers March 14. Participants in the contest used the pedometers to keep track of their daily steps. 

“It’s not normally promoted  in a school environment.” she added.

To keep track of the teachers, she has weekly scorecards, and some secret spies to prevent cheating. Staff members that are participating have to agree to walk around with a pedometer to track their every step in order to win the prize money for the most steps taken.

At the end of the contest the teacher that wins will receive a  $200 cash prize. There will also be awards given out such as “most improved” and “most weekly steps.”

Mr.Griffin, a credit recovery  teacher at William Penn High School, felt confident for this wellness challenge.

Griffin stated, “I will step all day and night – do everything possible to increase my steps and walk further distances.”

He also exclaimed that his name will go from Calvin to “Calwin” after he wins.

Mr.Griffin said that although he may gain a  prize from this challenge another intention is to lose weight. Griffin states,” It’s not what I will gain from this experience but what I will lose. I want to get rid of this belly so I can have a pool body.”

Griffin stated if he receives the prize money  he would give back to his students. “[I want to] give back to the kids and buy things for the gentlemen club.”

After the first week of competition, Mr.Griffin led the staff as one of the top steppers. The rest of the participants will work until March 21 to catch up and be victorious.