By Aleaha Cubbage

On March 1, William Penn’s Humanities class, a class that combines English and U.S. History, went on a trip to Washington D.C.

Photo by Aleaha Cubbage The humanities students make their first stop at the Lincoln Memorial March 1. The 112 students visited numerous monuments on their trip to D.C. 

The Humanities teachers Mrs. Greenstein and Mrs. Zerbato planned for their kids to walk through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and also arranged for them to meet a 90-year-old survivor.

Photo by Aleaha Cubbage The Tower of Faces was one of the exhibits at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The images featured members of the Jewish community that has existed for more than 900 years. 

The students also visited and saw places such as the National Mall, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.

Nyasia Scales, a junior at William Penn said, “The 90 year old survivor talked about the terrible experience during the holocaust, about the camps, and how she lost all of her friends. She also met a man there who she later married.”

Zerbato added, “I like being able to see the students in a different environment learning outside of the classroom. It’s nice to see your students smiling and laughing, while at the same time learning.”
Not only was this trip enjoyable for the students, but it was also educational due to the students lesson. The students were learning about WWII and the Holocaust previously before the trip. This trip will continue to expand and there will be more to see over the years due to the construction of new museums.