By Cairo Chambers and Kevin Martinez

On May 21 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,  members from all around the community will come together to honor cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight against a disease that has taken a lot of people’s life. The event, Relay for Life, is an activity where small teams come up with a bunch of fundraisers for the event.

A Chemistry teacher at William Penn, Mr. McKenzie, came up with the idea to have the first Relay for Life event at Colonial. His goal for this event is to raise about $10,000 and every cent that he collects will go directly to the American Cancer Society, which go towards research, education, transportation, and also to those who are in need of getting back and forth for treatment and medication.

Mr. McKenzie said the reason why he came up with this event is his personal connection to cancer. His wife was diagnosed three years ago. Although she is now cancer free, she still has to go through the process of chemotherapy. He added that a lot of cases of cancer that doctors are diagnosing today are not necessarily hereditary. They are mainly environmental and also contributed to your diet.

With the event, he wants to send a message that there are people who go undiagnosed and who are untreated. If they can get the word out to the communities about things that they can do, for example, getting a medical exam having the right vitamins, making sure they have a balance diet, and educating them about what containers they should use and what they shouldn’t use, they can minimize a lot of cases that are diagnose.

Mr. McKenzie said, “Students at Colonial can participate in this event by forming teams, volunteering, posting information on their website. They can form their teams and send the information out through social media saying that ‘I want to raise $500 can you help me.’ There is a link that would actually post directly to your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. All you have to do is update it weekly. We are looking for people to help us with fundraiser activities, the more people the better it is.”

Mr. McKenzie is promoting this event by coming up with a parent kickoff, making announcements on a daily basis, sending emails throughout the entire district, posting information on the William Penn Facebook website, the Colonial School District website and Instagram, sending information out to local businesses, reaching out to the local politicians, and reaching out to the law Enforcement, fire department, and all the family.
“We are getting the parents involved and by doing this, I can definitely say that this event is going to be a success,”  Mr. Mckenzie said