By Lesliann Boucher and Stephanie Castillo

Since she was ten Emily Arias-Topia  has been playing the bass guitar. This year, she decided to bring her love of music to William Penn. Arias-Topia is the only student to join the faculty band.

“The way I started getting involved in the band was pretty simple. I told Mr. Lusch that I play bass and guitar as a hobby and one day he came to me and asked if I wanted to join their band because their bassist had retired, I said yes on the spot.”

   Arias-Topia was definitely eager to begin putting her talent to work, and so were the members of the band. Initially, Tim Hein who teaches ninth grade AP Human geography and a 12th grade World History expressed his concerns, “We were a little worried we were gonna have to help her a lot along the way, but Emily doesn’t need any help with what she’s doing, so it’s actually a pleasant surprise.”

Emily shared that she has learned lot by being in the band every practice. Mr. Hein has been her role model, because he has released his own EP, he plays the guitar and sings for the band as well as outside of the school environment.

  Their most recent performance was for the Penn Prom Fashion/Talent show. Emily said she was especially confident when they performed a song by The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army.” She said, “By the time Seven Nation Army came up, I just let myself go which was one of the best feelings a musician can get while performing.”

Mr. Hein revealed his next performance will be sometime in May or June for the John G.Leach School.