By Nahja Fassett, Satara King, and Derioushe Johnson

Photo by Nahja Fassett Junior Diamond Crumpler poses with counselor Loveita Moffett.

One of William Penn’s very own won the high school counselor of the year award for the state of Delaware.Loveita Moffett received the award February 1st.

Her motive for becoming a counselor was to make a difference. Moffett stated, “When I was in highschool, I went to William Penn and my counselor helped me a lot, especially senior year. I was the youngest of 5 children and no one went college. My counselor applied me for college but I didn’t know anything about it. I wanted to be a tree hugger, but then I changed my major two years later. ”

Moffett not only changed her major, but she also realized she wanted to be in the field of helping students. Moffett stated, “I grew up in this community and I care a lot about New Castle and William Penn specifically. I spent all my life but four years here, it is very important to me that our students find success and have the help of assistance.”

Moffett was honored to receive such an award. She said, “I was surprised I wasn’t expecting it. Ms.young heard my name and screamed. I was shocked she didn’t understand why they said my name. I didn’t know what the award was. I mean…I knew I was nominated but I didn’t know what I was nominated for. So it was very astonishing.”

A former student, who is now a teacher at William Penn, Daniel Becker gave details on why he thinks Moffett is good at her job. He stated, “She cares a lot about her students and commits her energy into helping students to realize their potential.”

Becker also mentioned the support Moffett provides for others in the building ”She is dedicated to the community,the school, her colleagues, and students.She bends over backwards to help everyone,” stated Becker.

He added, “Mrs.Moffet deserves counselor of the year because of the success of her former students. Someone with a list of successful students deserve recognition.”

One of the keys to Moffett’s successful students is motivation. A current student, junior Diamond Crumpler, stated, “She stays on your case and pushes you. Basically, she motivates. For example, if I don’t pick up the pace she will call me down and say, ‘You have to make up this and do that.’ Then she would print out my grades for a reminder to keep me on track.”

Another key to her success in Crumpler’s opinion is encouragement. Crumpler stated, “She knows I try. Even though I don’t get the best grades she encourages me to do better.”

Thanks to Mrs.Moffett she is what makes William Penn the school it is today, with the spread of encouragement and motivation.