By Jaden Reed and Geman Browne

Photo by Jaden Reed Students play 5-on-5 basketball during the Basketball Breakfast Club meeting Feb. 20. 

Every Saturday there is a club where students from William Penn play basketball from 8:30 – 10:00 am. Credit Recovery teacher Mr.Calvin Griffin  the founder of the program, said that he made the program because of the students that couldn’t participate in after school sports. Mr.Griffin runs the program by himself through Communities in Schools.

He said, “Looking at the stats in school, I’ve seen that a lot of kids were late to class, absent, and their grades were too low for them to participate in after- school sport.  And I wanted kids to have the opportunity to play basketball so I decided to do that.”

Ten to 14 students come each week but Mr.Griffin’s ultimate goal is to make a basketball league.In order to participate they can’t be late to class the whole week, can’t be absent and grades must improve.

Junior Waikeem Clemons rated the program a 10. He said, “It’s fun and I always tell my  friends to come each week and it just a good time.”

Teachers are allowed to come, but none have showed up. Mr.Griffin also is working on the breakfast part, but for now there isn’t breakfast