By Tyler Clemens and Chase Chandler

A little past midway through the season and the varsity swim team has a 2-7 record and is still trying to find their groove. They are not able to achieve a .500 record, but they can still finish their season strong meets left in the season. The swim team is not necessarily the most publicized team at William Penn, but they have just as much spirit and contribution to our school’s pride as some of the other bigger publicized sports such as football, baseball, wrestling, and basketball.

The swim team is very optimistic on how the rest of their season is going to go.

Sophomore swim member Julia Scheu is one of the most optimistic on how the rest of the season is going to go. Scheu said, “Even though we are 2-7 it doesn’t change my attitude on how I think the season will go.”

She also went on to say, “I know we can win the next 5 meets, but we need to work as a team to do so.”
In the end, the swim team has the chance to finish their season on a high note by winning their last five meets of the season. The team’s next meet is February 3rd  against McKean High School at the Boys and Girls Club Route 40.