By Lesliann Boucher and Stephanie Castillo

Some of the William Penn’s staff came together to come up with a gift for Dexter Crocket. Mr. O’Donnell, Mrs. Henry, Ms. Brewington and Ms. Faline took Senior Dexter Crockett to a Philadelphia 76ers game as a Christmas gift, one of many he had received from Penn.

Dexter said,“It really shows me I’m not alone.” Dexter added that at the game he got to be on the jumbotron, got on the court, and had a cheesesteak,fries and soda, and although the 76ers lost that night the grin on his face said it all, he still had fun. About the loss, he said,“It is what it is.”

Mr O’Donnell, a teacher at Penn, described how worthy Dexter was of the gifts,“Dexter is a kid who has always had the cards stacked up against him and time and time again has pulled through. He is one in a million!” Mr O’Donnell added, “Teaching is way more than academics. Many kids struggle to get the emotional support they need. Once a kid makes a connection with a teacher and knows they have someone fighting for them in their corner the sky’s the limit.”

After Christmas break Dexter also received a letter from  Governor Jack Markell in which he talked about Dexter’s Christmas spirit, and how he has good work ethic, great characteristics and makes everyone smile.

Mr O’Donnell, and the rest of the school and staff said they believe that Dexter has a very charming personality, and wants to see everyone happy. Thankfully, he had the best possible Christmas thanks to staff at William Penn.