By Derioushe Johnson and Nahja Faucett

On January 4th,  a teacher of animal science and intro to agriculture Ms.Ferrucci became the new FFA advisor for William Penn High School, allowing the students of FFA to have a vibrant atmosphere of experiencing and learning the aspects of agriculture.

An Agriculture liaison/FFA Junior, who happens to be a senior Colonial as well, Malcolm Washington, had stated that he was very pleased to be advised by a teacher as great as Ms.Ferrucci and he looks forward to the great results she may bring to the table!

Washington claimed, “The new FFA advisor is a great addition to our team.She brings great knowledge of animal science and agriculture. We are so happy to have her here and we look forward to great results.”

Washington states that he does not wish to change anything hopes to increase the knowledge and abroad the mindsets of Ms.Ferrucci’s students.

“With the new FFA advisor she expands the horizon of the teams mindsets and brings much knowledge. And I am excited to receive the work ethic and mentality she is bringing to William Penn High School.”

Before becoming an FFA teacher Ms.Ferrucci was an exotic animal teacher for children. Her motivation to become an FFA teacher was to give opportunities to students despite their different backgrounds.

Ferrucci states, “This job allows me to give opportunities to all students from all types of backgrounds with all types of interest. The current students enjoy challenges because I know they will step up to the plate because it’s really the students that improve in FFA it’s just my job to help guide them in a positive direction.”

She has future plans she would like to succeed for the program. She said, “ I would really like William Penn High School FFA to be recognized as a positive leadership opportunity within WPHS, the local community, and the state of Delaware.”