By Satara King and Rogelio Landa

Colonials took the win against St. Georges Tech High School, their 10th home game  With this win, the boys improved to an overall record of 11 and 1.

“The keys to the games were the we play really good team defense and showing good offence with fundamental play,” Coach Christensen said.

Three seniors, Malik Hines, Danny Walsh, and Calleem Hucks, worked as a unit to make sure that they had their 11th win. This will be one of the team’s best seasons because of their teamwork and extra effort to make it to state.

“The 1st quarter was bad with a score of 5-8, second- 12-14, third- 18-20, fourth-28-26 and then we went to overtime,“ junior Jermal Crumel said.

William Penn students said they were excited of this game. “St. George’s has a ton of tall players. It was like David versus Golliath. The game was like neck-and-neck the whole time and was exciting because we beat the third team in the state,” said junior Tamia Davis.

Senior Danny Walsh added, ”It was a big improvement from the start and we really grew from the beginning.”

Since that game the Colonials have beat AI Dupont and Concord. They will play their next game February 6 against Medford Tech.