By Aleaha Cubbage

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Strous. Mr. Hein poses for his before picture for the Warrior of the Beards contest. 

Mr. Hein, one of William Penn’s geography teachers won teacher of the year for the state of Delaware awarded by the Delaware Geography Alliance.

Delaware Geography Alliance is a department that selects a geography teacher from grades K-12 based on their performance. Delaware Geography Alliance’s website states “the Distinguished Teaching Award is offered annually to recognize demonstrated excellence in the craft of geography teaching among our membership.”

Mr. Hein teaches AP Human Geography for 9th grade and World History for 12th grade.

“The course allows for a lot more real life activities,” Mr. Hein said. He keeps his students involved by “doing a lot of hands on activities.”

At William Penn, Mr. Hein also devotes his free time to coaching cross country and playing guitar in the faculty band. He has been teaching here at William Penn for 7 years and continues to influence his students.

Photo by Aleaha Cubbage Mr. Hein gets his 3rd period class involved in a learning activity. He teaches 9th grade AP Human Geography and 12th grade World History. 

Freshman Stephanie Castillo, one of Mr.Hein’s AP students said, “Mr.Hein goes an extra mile by giving us preparation for tests. He makes learning interesting by creating games that are fun, but relate to the lesson.”

Freshman Leslie Ann Boucher also said, “Mr.Hein is very helpful when you’re not understanding. He will sit down with you until you understand it. Also, he makes sure you get all the materials for the assignment.”

Due to this award Mr.Hein will get to travel to Florida in the spring and is up for the National Geography Teacher of the Year award.