By Rogelio Landa, Tyler Clemens, and Chase Chandler

Photo by Rogelio Landa

What did you want for Christmas? A drone perhaps, maybe an iphone 6, or a Xbox one, or maybe a hoverboard ? The data collected over the last week of school before Christmas break showed that students at William Penn High School prefer iPhones and Xboxs for Christmas. Out of 100 students surveyed 40 students wanted phones; 34, Xbox’s or Playstations; 6, drones; 20, hoverboard.



Julia Scheu said she wanted an Xbox One the most so she could “play xbox games and connect with friends.” She also said that her favorite game is Call of Duty.


Aleaha Cubbage said she wanted a Iphone 6 plus because she said, “ the phone is big and I have large hands. I love my social media accounts and my phone will help me with that.”

This data collected shows what teens our age want for Christmas: electronics.

Out of items these are the ones that teens are drawn too most.