By Tyler Clemens

In the month of November, male staff members and William Penn seniors competed in the Warrior of the Beard contest to see who could grow the best beard in only one month.

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Novak. Mr. Wright bares his bare, newly shaven face at the start of the Warrior of the Beards contest. 

The seniors and the staff that were participating  in the event collected money to help support a charity of their choice. The winner of the contest gets to pick their own charity to send the money to.

One of the contestants, history teacher Mr. Hein, was very pleased with how the event was was going and how much the students and other teachers were into the event.

“I feel like this a good way to get the students and teachers into one event together and donate money to a great cause.”

Each week, Ms. Novak and her students took pictures of the contestants to show the growth of their beards. These images were updated outside of each contestant’s classroom.

Mr. Nagy, an English teacher at William Penn shows off his beard for week 4 of the Warrrior of the Beard contest. 

Chase Chandler said, “ I wanted Mr. Hopkins to win the beard contest.”

All together the school has been very supportive of the event raising 500 dollars throughout the whole event.

In the end, students and faculty voted choosing the winner of the contest, history teacher Mr.Vazzana. The money was donated to the charity of his choice.

Mr. Vazanna proudly displays his beard at the end of the contest. He was crowned the Warrior of the Beard for 2015.