By Stephanie Castillo and Lesliann Boucher

Senior Med Lab IV students practiced drawing blood to become certified Phlebotomy technicians. Once certified, they are able to draw blood if a doctor needs to run tests.

Blood 1
Photo by Lesliann Boucher Sergeant Miller gets his blood drawn by  senior Med Lab IV student Taj’lynne Jesse.

William Penn High School is the “ first school in the state of delaware to get approval for this type of training” according to Ms. Hudson, who is one of the Med Lab IV teachers.

In order to get ready, students learned the basics such as the different types of tubes, needles such as the straight 23 gauge and the butterfly, steps, and techniques. Students practiced first with fake arms, until they became comfortable to do it on real people.

With the blood, they tested for blood types as well as coagulation testing.

Blood 2
Photo by Lesliann Boucher Med Lab IV teacher Mrs. Hudson gets her blood drawn by senior Alex Haber. 

Senior Taj’lynne Jesse is one student who is now a certified phlebotomy technician. “In the beginning, I was honestly really scared, I was shaking compared to the patients, I was stuttering but actually now I’m comfortable.”

Med Lab IV students must get 30 successful draws to become certified. They will continue to draw blood through January to reach their certification requirements.