By Wan Chen

In our school have many people from different counties, they have different culture. Some of those are every different then our American culture.

Rizwan Ishmain, the man who teaches Spanish in Will Penn High School, is from Guyana in South America. He said their country has some different races: Amerindians, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Africans. It’s a diverse nation. In their country people wearing ordinary clothes as like American people but their characteristics is they wearing long pants even in the High temperature.

In Christmas day, they eat special food. Pepperpot is the food name. That is cooked with beef and hot peppers. They also eat bread with that pepperpot sauce. During new year they eat the black cake and cassra bread, they also doing the fireworks and firecrackers, but in America they seldom do the fireworks, because it’s too loud.

Johnathan  Troop, is an English teacher at William Penn High School. He went to Japan when he was an exchange students He learned some culture during that time. He said, “At Japan people wear Yutaka, jin bei and geta, that is a Japanese traditional clothing. Japanese people like to eat sushi, tempura, Udon noodle and ramen noodle.” In America some people eat sushi but not much, most people like to eat fast food, as like McDonald’s.

We can see that some different then American culture. We can learn some from looking at how others celebrate the holidays.