By Jaden Reed and Geman Browne

Recently, the Sports Analytics Club and girl’s basketball have joined together to participate in health analytics. The girl’s basketball team players are being recorded to provide health data with the use of Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitors and Polar Team Plus iPad application to help give them a competitive advantage.

Every varsity player on the girls basketball team uses the bands at practice. The bands are wrapped around girls’ waists to analyze their heart rates.

“[The bands] help make the players wanna push harder during practice,” varsity basketball player SaTara King said.

They are planning to use the data to see how they can have a competitive advantage towards other teams.

“We have not gotten any results yet, but hope to look at data from yesterdays game,” math teacher and Sports Analytics Club sponsor Mr. McNulty said.

This is the first year when they use it on girl’s basketball, but it was previously used on cross country and track runners.

“Two students are in charge: one is in charge of individual players and one is doing video with a programmed iPad,” Mr. McNulty said.  
With this data the Sports Analytics Club will tell the girl’s basketball team what they should do to increase their endurance and stamina and improve.