Photo courtesy of Mrs. Dunn. Members of the Key Club wrapped donated presents after school December 15. 

By Derioushe Johnson and Nahja Fassett

William Penn High School had a basketball game against Smyrna on  December 10. Anyone who donated toys for the Toys for Tots drive could get into the game for a discounted price. Toys for Tots is an event run by William Penn High School’s Key Club to give toys to homeless shelters for kids who receive very little Christmas.

Not only did attendees donate toys, but team members from the opposing team also came with toys. Many were surprised that the opponents came out to support.

Varsity basketball player and junior Jermal Crumel gave his opinion on the opposing team also participating in Toys for Tots.

“I felt great, felt as though it touched my heart. They cared enough to come here and do something that doesn’t benefit their school,” Crumel said.

President of the Key Club, Hadja Toure, who is a senior at William Penn said her motive for this drive was to help kids in foster’s home to enjoy Christmas by spreading a little holiday joy..

Toure claimed, “[I wanted to] help kids out who don’t have anything. A lot of kids don’t have a lot of things and we want to make their holiday special.”

Toure  also stated that on the of dropping off the toys for the children they also were going to do a activity to lift their spirits. “We’re going to wrap them and give them to a homeless shelter and make an activity to give out the presents.”

Although the event ended on December 15, the toys will continue to warm people’s hearts.