By Derioushe Johnson

On October 24 2015 Project Unified arranged an event of flag football to give the members of Special Olympic Delaware programs and varsity football players of William Penn high school to experience the exhilarating atmosphere of playing in the game as a team.

A head coach who also happens to be a senior colonial as well  had said  she  enjoyed coaching the members of the event and if she had the chance she would do all over again. Dominique Spencer claimed, “My favorite part of the event was being able to experience the event. Also seeing perseverance and seeing how well they did and how excited they were. If I received the chance to do this event all over again I would because it’s a learning experience for you and you learn more from them  about themselves then you could ever teach yourself.”

The purpose of this game in Spencer’s  perspective was to allow the kids to know we’re all human and we all deserve equal privileges, “To let these kids know  we are equal we’re all the same and they have a purpose on the team and they have a goal to achieve!”
Participants amused themselves and they savored every minute of it. Spencer declared “ Yes! The participants seemed to enjoy themselves, they  always wanted to keep going never wanted to stop.”

Thanks to the football team and the delightful warm-hearted members of the Special Olympic Delaware programs, William Penn High School took  home the victory with a 40-33 score  against the opponent team Middletown high school.