By McKenzie Griffin and Aleaha Cubbage

Ben Fulton Sallies Capts Single Focus
Photo courtesy of Frank Burton. Seniors Brandon Dooley and Frank Burton, Jr., junior Charles Hope, and senior Daniel Johnson walk towards the center of the field before kickoff October 31. The Colonials took on Salesianum at Bill Cole Stadium.  

On October 31, the bleachers at Bill Cole Stadium were never so packed. This was the biggest game against the number one and number two schools in the state.

Everybody came to support the undefeated Colonials, hoping they would win. Even with the strong effort the William Penn football team put in to this game, they did not leave with the win against Salesianum. The score was 30-13 when William Penn finally got their first feeling of a loss this whole season.

One of the coaches and math teacher at William Penn, Matthew Sabol, said even though they lost, he wasn’t disappointed. “I think the effort was really good, but we had a couple breakdowns on schemes which led to the loss.” He said he wanted it more than anything, but as he also stated they needed to lose. By having this loss, Sabol stated it opened the team’s eyes and showed them reality. Even with the loss, Sabol stated the team tried their best and that’s all that matters.

During halftime the score was 17-7 and the boys knew they had to do something so they could catch up and stay undefeated the whole season and continue their winning streak from last year. At halftime, Sabol had a talk to them about the plays and what they should do and what they could do to improve. “Losing a game is not the end of the season it’s showing you have to work harder to get to the prize to get to the state championship,” Sabol said.

William Penn football player Jameer Walker said, “I was upset that we lost, but you can’t win every game, and we’ll get them back in the playoffs.”

As soon as they got back at halftime they fixed their plays, got more people attacking, and changed the spots around. Even with the changes, the team was not able to come back.

Sabol said, “This time the players just weren’t in their best condition and it wasn’t their best day to play.”

The teams did not meet again in the playoffs because of a 30-13 loss to Symrna November 28. The team finished the season 9-2.