By Chase Chandler

The Marching Colonials perform during halftime of the homecoming game. 

The weekend of November the 8th the Marching Colonials competed at their championship competition at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. All the marching bands around the area were there to compete for the bragging rights and a trophy in their division. The marching band has been feverishly practiced to prepare for their shot in the spotlight.

In addition to practices on days off and Saturdays, the band has competed in other competitions to prepare for the championship. “We practice all the time. We eat, sleep, think band. When we are not practicing we should be practicing,” sophomore Amanda Hopkins, a former saxophone player in the band stated.

The band performed for the judges at Hershey and unfortunately got last place, although they are in a tough division.

Sophomore Flutist Josie Taraskus stated, “The band practices a lot but it seems like after a while we all drift off and we need to take it more seriously when something like this is coming up in the near future”.

Hopkins said, “We have practice all the time and we benefit from that a lot in the end. Even though we almost have no social life, we wouldn’t have it any other way.”  These are examples of how dedicated these Marching colonials are to their craft. The championships closed out the Marching Colonial’s season, but many of the band’s members continue to participate for the indoor colorgaurd and drumline.