By Keith Alsberry

Have you ever wondered why there are students dressed up every Wednesday?

These young men are members of the Club of Gentlemen, a group designed to unite wisdom and experience with the youth.


The club meets after school every Wednesday and is geared towards preparing young men for success after high school.  Last years President Daniel Sainte-Ewen and Vice President Traymier Vazquez have been in the Club of Gentlemen since their sophomore year in high school and they’re now seniors.  

Mr. Logan Jenkins, along with Mr. Calvin Griffin, are the club’s two leaders and sponsors.

The Club of Gentlemen has been a success  for the past five to six years and has made many young boys turn into young mature men. Even after the gentlemen leave William Penn, members take what they learn into the real world including one of Mr. Griffin’s sayings, “Strong heart, one man.”  This is supposed to teach the members that a good man has a strong heart because he knows what’s right and what’s wrong.