By Kimberly Cushwa

On the night of Tuesday,  November 3 prospective William Penn families, along with   teachers and representatives from various out-of-school programs, gathered at the annual William Penn Showcase to learn more about what programs are offered both here at William Penn and after they graduate.

Participants were welcomed at the door by the band and walked into the hustle and bustle of the showcase. Though students were the ones originally here to learn, teachers also learned from the event. When asked what he had learned from night’s activities Mr. Stanford, Physical Education and Health teacher at William Penn, stated, “I [was able to] meet new people and I will recognize them next year or the year after when they come here.”

A plethora of post-secondary programs were present providing information about scholarship opportunities, colleges and universities,  and the military. One of these opportunities was presented by Gwen Robinson of Discover Business Experience, a program which offers scholarships, internship opportunities, and resume writing classes to William Penn students.  DBE also gave out five 1,000 dollar scholarships to William Penn seniors last year.

Students and their parents in attendance stated the event was helpful. One parent, Rita Maltese, mother of George Read 8th grader Patrick Maltese said,“There is so much information to give [here at William Penn] and I do not think many parents realize how much there truly is that this school has to offer.” Another parent, Jessica, mother of three McCullough students, also stated that the showcase is a wonderful event that brings to light all of the different programs offered at Penn.

Mr. Stanford stated, “[It is] good for them to get out and see their school, I wish more would come just to see what we have to offer because there is definitely a lot of competition, a lot of school choices out there and we have the best one.”