By Aleaha Cubbage

Nearly 600 students came together for a “Night Of Fame” at William Penn High School on Saturday, October 10th. Cafeteria 2 and Gym 2 were decorated with a red carpet and Hollywood stars.

Around 20 student Council members came together the day before homecoming to make it all happen. It took the students 4 hours to finish setting up homecoming.

Mrs.Strouss, the Student Council sponsor said, “Honestly, setup and cleanup are very easy. We have a great group of Student Council members who do a great job of setting up and cleaning up quickly.”

Earlier that evening the Colonials defeated APPO 48-6. At halftime Danny Walsh, and Troi Garret were crowned homecoming king & queen. Danny Walsh the homecoming king said, “I liked being homecoming king. It felt like I had a lot of people’s respect throughout the school, and it was fun waiting to see who they would crown, and going through the parade on top of the fire trucks.”

Student Council provided cookies, brownies, candy and other refreshments such as soda and punch. People were dancing, and taking pictures around the photo booth.

He also said, “And the music wasn’t bad but it could’ve been better. Last years music was better than this year. There were a few dead parts of the night but there were also some live parts with music.”

The night ended with a speech from the DJ thanking William Penn.