By Wanting Chen

In this school, there are many students from other counties, some who don’t know English very well. The school arranges for them to have a class called ESL-English Second Language. The ESL teacher helps them to practice and improve their English, make them communicate with other American students, and help them understand what their teachers are saying.

“They practice English from reading books, writing essays, and talking to their partner,” Mr.Troop, one of the ESL teachers said.

Beginners learn geography and  express that information in English. The 10th grade ESL students just finish reading. For the 11th grade, they just finished their personal story project and learned the difference between teenage work and proper English. For the 12th grade, they finished their senior essay.

Maria a student in the ESL senior class said, “We just finish our senior essay and found three colleges.”

 Sometime these students have a hard time in their classes.”When we [are] at history class or economics class sometime we can’t really understand what teacher said and when we do our homework [we have] some question[s] we don’t how to do because we can’t understand at class,” Maria said.

They can’t always get help from other students, though. “They help me to do my homework and sometime[s] they help me understand what [the] teacher said, but some people don’t help me. For example one time, when I say I can’t understand what teacher said and I don’t know  what I need to do, some students just laugh at me and that makes me really angry.”

All ESL students are working very hard to learn English. They try to make their English better and they want to talk to other people not only other ESL students. They are not  clumsy, they are just learning a new language. Many students at William Penn learn Spanish. When they just start to learn a new language they even don’t know how to say “May I use the bathroom?”in the new language. No one can understand what they just said and they can’t understand what other people said. This is just like students in the ESL program, so be nice to them.